Delighting with fun and easy access


For retailers

Using our exclusive intellectual property, including our Zigit™ mobile app platform, we authenticate buyers, verify their age, secure payment and dispense controlled products, efficiently with less retail employee involvement.

For consumers

We give you greater access to what you want, when you want it.  We make buying and selling convenient and fun, bringing joy into everyday moments.


We are "Zigit"

Zigit represents what we do…helpful, inventive and good times while acting responsibly. Zigit is your friend who will not only create a good time, but make sure you get home safe. 

While others follow the same old routine, we Zigit when others zag.



Always brings the fun, orchestrating everything needed for a good time

Loves to create unique “wow” moments of delight


Wicked smart and innovative with the belief and ability to make anything happen

Buttoned up, never missing the extra details that make the difference between having a good and great


Responsible, helpful and follow through to ensure things are done the right way

Makes promises and keep them; Keeps confidences private, safe and secure


Uncomplicated and convenient, likes to make complex things simple and easy

A cool character; laid back and calmly confident


Using innovation and collaboration we transform the ordinary to extraordinary with fun delivery for controlled substances